Teach Me How To Snuggie

In the world of business, I’ve noticed that PR and advertising sometimes mean the same role. In a very simple and short way, I’ve thought of the difference between the two to be that advertising tries to sell a product while PR tries to build the image of the company selling it. As I thought this, a question followed up in my head.

What drives the success of a product? Of course, it is the complicated mixture of advertising, PR, and marketing. But, how much of that mixture is PR?

Sometime in the last 6 months, I worked with a mobile app (I’ll keep it anonymous to reflect neither positively or negatively on it). While working with the app, I had to reach out to several parties including press, fans, schools, and fellow members in the same field of interest. However, while working through the social media posts, the emails, and the articles, I couldn’t help but question why nothing was really working. None of what I was doing made an impact or caused a change.

That’s when I started to wonder if it was because the product itself was un-promotable, which eventually led me to quit.

When you look at things, like the Snuggie, that has become so much of a success without much work in PR, I begin to question how effective the works of PR really is. I mean, just have a ridiculous product, advertise it in an even more ridiculous commercial that clearly matches the level of intelligence of every American, and you have a successful product alongside a name everyone recognizes.

Maybe it’s my lack of experience, or maybe I just don’t get it yet. Or maybe I quit too soon. Whatever the case may be, you can’t help but wonder why everyone was so fascinated about the blankets with sleeves.


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