Keeping it in the Family

In my PR class, we learned about internal communications and importance of it. We also learned ways to effectively manage and promote a healthy organization. Most of it was really easy to understand, but I realized two new things. The first is that small things can really go a long way. Our professor was talking about how holiday cards to employees can really build a more positive working environment. It’s something so small that can have a very general positive impact.

The second thing I realized is that internal communications can be applied essentially anywhere, even outside of professional areas. Although it may be called something else, I realized that communication internally within groups is almost essential for progress. For example, I’m thinking it applies anywhere as small as project groups to as large as countries for world peace.

In the field of PR (in the field of anything , really), I feel that professionals forget about the importance of internal progress. I’ve come to realize that success with the public, success with profits won’t last unless the internal organization is equally as progressive.


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