Yesterday, I attended a social media conference with alumni that came in as speakers.

There were about 5 alumni with various backgrounds and different areas of expertise, which made the entire conference a very laid-back discussion.

These days, there isn’t really anyone who hasn’t heard of social media. I even doubt that there are many people who haven’t recognized the importance of social media in pretty much every industry out there, especially public relations.

The interesting part of the discussion was when the panel talked about what social media means in terms of profit. Although businesses and organizations don’t normally get large portions of profit directly from social media, no one can deny that there is a correlation between social media an profit. The question is, however, of how much?

Social media provides a direct line of communication between an organization and its publics. The more likes there are, the more retweets, the higher possibility there is that the information has been spread, that the actions they are taking are in the right direction.

However, I’ve come to realize that organizations have been banking more and more in social media and that essentially buying the amount likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter probably isn’t the most productive or effective means of utilizing social media.

DeafGeoff, one of the panelists, advised that social media should be remembered that it is a tool to success, not the definition of success itself.

The conference discussed other topics like branding and finding jobs through social media.


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  1. I agree with you that companies cannot depend entirely on social media. In public relations we learn the important of ‘evaluating’ our work. Simply looking at the amount of retweets or liked a company gets is not a good enough evaluation of how the company is doing financially, etc. Sure, such information is helpful. But other means need to complement social media tactics.

  2. I think that often times a company thinks that if it uses social media it will be successful. Besides understanding that there are various other tools that must be used in combination with social media to achieve success, it is also important to recognize that not every social media tool is always necessary. Social media needs to be used effectively. PR people must analyze when it is appropriate to use social media, which specific forms of social media should be used for a specific message, and what message should be sent. Social media is constructed in a way that messages must be sent concisely which is very challenging. Therefore, a huge key to success is to understand how to make social media effective, and what other tools to supplement it with.

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