Any PR is… Good PR?

I’m not going to lie, entertainment PR is interesting. You’re building the image and label of an artist, not an organization. It kind of makes the concept of PR almost humanized, because, well, its personal. 

The most common phrase I’m sure everyone’s heard of is “Any PR is good PR.” In the world of entertainment, I’m sure it can hold the most truth, mainly because apparently the greatest fear of anyone in the industry is being forgotten. 

But, really… Is it?

I remember in my COM 107 class, my professor had a thing for entertainment news, and so for our weekly news quizzes, we’d get an entertainment news bonus question. He’d commonly reference  to “LiLo” and “Nicky”. The news that involved these two characters were, as expected, never really in the positive light of things. But, they were always considered to be people we wished we knew well enough to personally call “LiLo”. Or at least, I’m sure my professor back then thought that way.

But thinking about entertainment PR made me realize how different it would be from the other forms of PR (corporate, investor, etc.). In a lot of ways, it must be much more fast paced and a lot more changes on a daily basis.

In fact, it kind of reminds me of political press secretary/PR… interesting.



1 thought on “Any PR is… Good PR?

  1. It’s funny that you say entertainment PR reminds you of political press secretary PR. In many ways, politicians are like celebrities. They have images to maintain. They are constantly put under a microscope in society. All of their actions are analyzed and they are always discussed in various media outlets. PR people involved in politics must lead a fast-paced career in order to keep up-to-date with their clients’ actions and public images. A scandal is always a juicy story. Entertainment and political PR practitioners should take notes from one another and integrate their strategies to have the best images possible for their clients.

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